"[A] misguided, lost and carnal individual... filled with vexation and ignorance of God who will gladly cheer the anti-christ."

-Christian Resource Network

“Morford writes like a man possessed by demented angels. His twice-weekly column routinely features jaw-dropping, unflinchingly liberal prose so biting and sweet and innovative it amazes us that a mainstream daily would keep this guy on the payroll.”

-Detroit Metro Times

“Mark Morford's wildly plotted essays are unique wonders, perfect for a city as charmingly deranged as San Francisco. But wherever you're from, he takes you on topical excursions that are  intersections of opinion, news and higher consciousness. It's always well worth the ride.”

-Phil Bronstein, Editor-at-large, San Francisco Chronicle

“There's no better chronicler of weirdo-American thought or the spiritual-hippie division in this country, than Mark Morford. A refreshing, yet still macho, antidote to frat literature.”

-Neal Pollack, author, Alternadad

“A kick-ass, take-no-prisoners, laugh-out-loud-funny liberal writer, thinker and cultural critic. I would have his babies.”

-Dan Savage, syndicated sex columnist

“Mark's the real deal, reflecting a slice of San Francisco that you often don't hear about.”

-Craig Newmark, founder of Craigslist

“The funniest opinion columnist in America and third or fourth funniest in Mexico.”

-Stephen Elliot, author of The Adderal Diaries

“Morford roots around our psychic attic to find our insecurities and guilty pleasures, taking joy as both are exposed to the world. The Daring Spectacle is a great read.”

-Jamal Simmons, TV political strategist

The Daring Spectacle features...

  1. BulletMore than 90 of my best, wildest and most beloved columns from the Chronicle and SFGate, with fresh commentary atop each one. Most completely legible!

  2. Nearly 50 pieces of insane, gut-clenching hate mail, entirely unsuitable for children or pets, but not Libertarians

  3. Click here to reserve your copy! Ships April 13!Nearly 200 photos, including a smashed Audi, exposed nipples, Burning Man heathens, two painted penises, two ex-girlfriends, nine dead Russians, and one medium-sized parrot. And Tom Cruise

  4. Fifteen outstanding examples of the rare Expressionist art form known as Mullet Haiku

  5. A marvelous, pre-Kindle, pre-iPad, pre-Internet technology known as “paper.” Just like Shakespeare used. And Jesus

  6. One infamous column about having sex with schoolteachers that nearly got me fired, so you know it must be good

  7. Conversely, you also may click here to pre-order, if you were not overly fond of the link above, you’re just wired that way, or you simply prefer a yellow star thingy with more points. I am all about the providing of options. 
The SOWI (Slightly Overused Word Index)

  8. That one column you really, really loved from a couple years ago that sort of changed your life, just a little, and which made you blast coffee through your nose with laughter and/or feel a little better about love, sex, humanity, God. Unless I forgot to include it. Or it was actually by David Sedaris

  9. Warm, personal thanks to various people you do not know

  10. Swear words

  11. A 6x9, 352-page paperback format that makes it ideal for licking, stroking, stacking, nibbling, ritual sacrificing, perusing, loving desperately and accidentally forgetting on the train. Also, reading

  12. Many, many juicy, well-honed words, ideas, blasphemous concepts and lubricant references that baffle conservatives and make religious fundamentalists panic and freak the hell out. Praise!

  13. The low, self-published author price of only 20 bucks. That’s less than 22 cents per column! They’re worth at least twice that

  14. Makes a great gift! For people you actually like!

The Daring Spectacle is award-winning San Francisco Chronicle/SFGate columnist and culture critic Mark Morford’s hilarious modern record of sex and media, politics and pop culture, love and lust, as told in 92 delectable parts -- not including all the delicious photos and terrifying hate mail. TDS spans nearly a decade of Mark’s wildest, most popular columns, full of feral wordplay and liberal sorcery with an unexpected spiritual kick. There’s simply nothing else in modern media quite like it. Please undress accordingly.

Prefer another bookstore? Ask your fave to to order/carry TDS! Questions? Fetishes? spectacle@markmorford.com, or Facebook. Publicity, media inquiries, booking? Contact Lisa at lisa@catalystpublicity.com

Samples! Click to enlarge! Just like life!

All contents Copyright (c) 2010 Mark Morford/Rapture Machine, Inc. All rights reserved

The Daring Spectacle is published by Rapture Machine, Inc. 530 Divisadero Street #120, San Francisco, California 94117

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A reading I gave in March ’10 at the Makeout Room in SF, part of Rumpus mag’s funkaliscious monthly gathering, co-sponsored by McSweeney’s. Everything I read here is also in the book. Neat!

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The Daring Spectacle - Vital stats

ISBN #978-0984299706; Page count: 352; Size: 6x9x1; Binding: Paperback; Orientation: Upright; Language: Verbose English; Birthplace: San Francisco, California, USA; Religious views: Neo-pagan tantric orgasmican alchemist mystic; Media: compressed wood pulp, 60#; Weight similar to: small ferret/large avocado; Smells like: lavender/leather/spurious desire; Serious journalism, relationship to: Specious; Glasses of wine/sake/Scotch imbibed since book’s original 9/2008 inception: 1,147; Wives during this period: 0; Downward dogs: 21,985;  Haircuts: 19; Pulitzers: 0; Frustrated screams: 147; Wistful sighs: 3,667; Night sweats: 128; Avg. household plant growth: 9”; Human deaths worldwide: 84,859,839; Births: 126,776,991; Sexual intercourse (global total) 71,280,000,000; Personal contribution to this number: 217 (est.)

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